Updated Leaderboard from Day 2 is now online. Continuing to lead the charge with an improvement in yesterday’s morning session was Josh Anderson Racing who improved by 0.010sec in the morning session.

Note that due to iRacing’s maintenance that kicked in late in the afternoon session, we have been unable to retrieve the afternoon results sheet and as such, there are no times recorded from that session that are reflected in the leaderboard. We are working with iRacing to try and reclaim this and if provided, we will update the leaderboard with these updated times.

The good news is that there are still 5 days of Online Qualifying to go, and sessions have been live since 7am this morning. Today’s password for the Hosted sessions is MOTUM.

To view the most up to date information on qualifying, please remember to check the VSR website at https://www.virtualsimracing.com.au/online-qualifying.



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