Name –  Jay Kennedy
Nickname – TheSADS/Kenno
Country – Australia
Position – Managing Director/Graphic Designer/Broadcast Director
Hobbies – Golf/Cricket/Motorsport/Sim Racing

About Me – After 7 years of iRacing broadcasting/commentary experience i’m still learning more and more every broadcast. While i’m my own harshest critic. I’ve loved the ride V8SONLINE has provided me, and treat is as my 2nd child!


Name – Scott Fountain
Nickname – Fonty
Country – New Zealand
Position – Managing Director/Public Relations Manager/Business Development Manager
Hobbies – Motorsport, Travel, Engineering & Innovation

About Me – I have been involved in Motorsport for my whole life and was introduced to iRacing in 2011, I have a lot of passion for sim racing and the community. Currently residing in the United Kingdom and work full time on V8sonline


Name – Rhys Gardiner
Nickname – SouthPaw Racer
Country – Australia
Position – Head Commentator/Video Editor
Hobbies – Sim racing, Trainspotting, Scale Modelling, Writting

About Me – I am a prematurely balding broadcasting student and small YouTuber who likes metal things that move. I subsist on a diet of instant coffee and bad fan fiction, and sometimes I make music.

Name –  Jake Sparey
Nickname – #DoYouMind
Country – United Kingdom
Position – Commentator/Media Producer
Hobbies – Golf, Gaming

About Me – I enjoy telling the stories that are created from the greatest theater in the world; simracing. It’s my dream to be a storyteller in this industry full time, and I wouldn’t have it any other way


Name – Zac Hanlin
Nickname – Turbo Wizard
Country – Australia
Position – Commentator
Hobbies – Gaming/Motorsport/Sim Racing/Anything Cars!

About Me – I have been car obsessed since I was three years old when my dad took me to the drag strip and I saw a Top Fuel Dragster. Ever since I have been finding one way or another to find speed, including in my loungeroom, where I have been competing as a sim racer for nearly 10 years. Career highlights would include becoming a Pro Driver in the VRS GT World Championship, including a personal best finish of 8th place at Spa in 2017.


Name – David Haines
Nickname – Hungry Bear
Country – Australia
Position – Commentator
Hobbies – Hhotochraphy, Eating

About Me
-“An iRacing member since 2014, Brisbanite David Haines joined Simspeed in 2018 and is most commonly heard covering GT and Endurance racing.”


Name – Beau ALbert
Nickname – Bobo
Country – Australia
Position – Commentator/Video Editor
Hobbies – Racing and Long-Distance Running

About Me – Been involved in SimRacing since 2013, when competing in a smaller league on Console began doing Voice-Over Commentary’s on recordings of my own Races. Always been passionate about Simracing and excited to be apart of it’s growth both as a Driver in the VRS GT World Championship and a Commentator.

Name – Cameron Dance
Nickname – Dancemania
Country – New Zealand
Position – Commentator
Hobbies – Sim Racing, Motorsport, Video Editing, Mountain Biking

About Me – The “dirt expert” of v8sonline, Cameron joined the v8sonline team in 2017 making his debut in the comms box for the V8SCOPS Watkins Glen Super Sprint. Cameron is also a competitorin the World of Outlaws Sprint Cars World Championship Series representing TTL Esports and New Zealand as the only Kiwi competing.

Name – Brock Caddaye
Nickname – Brocky
Country – Australia
Position – Commentator
Hobbies – Sim Racing & Reading

About Me – I’m an avid motorsport fan and follow many motorsport disciplines. I’ve been an iRacer for a few years now and love commentary as much as racing.

Name – Stephen Clarke
Nickname – Sandman
Country – Australia
Position – Commentator
Hobbies – Sim Racing, Slotcars, Collecting Video Games

About Me – Married and have 2 wonderful kids, living in Queensland I’m a massive motorsport fan with a huge passion for the Calder Park Thunderdome