We are very proud to announce a new member to the team, and a man who has immense skill behind the wheel of anything he drives, be it a race car, simulator or remote controlled car, and that man is Oscar Piastri.

Oscar last year won the Formula Renault Eurocup becoming the first Australian to win the title, and is signed to race with defending champions Prema Team in the FIA Formula 3 Championship. Oscar also recently joined the Renault Sport Academy, to further a pathway towards Formula 1.

Given the recent pandemic, Oscar has found himself racing regularly on iRacing and showing the raw pace he has to be an exceptional sim racer. We are proud to have him call Altus home, and work together to get the most out of Sim Racing while he is able to do so.

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Altus ESports Announce Logitech G As Naming Rights Sponsor


We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming have signed on as the team’s Title Sponsor. As of today, the Altus Esports will feature Logitech G branding primarily, with Astro Gaming also being a Title brand when we field more than one car in a series, such as the iRacing GT World Championship where will attempt to qualify with a second car under the Astro Gaming branding.

Altus Esports will be taking on the role of brand ambassadors, exclusively using Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming peripherals including headsets, keyboards, mice, webcams & speakers.

This continues a partnership with many of the Altus Esports team that dates back as far as 2015 when Team Manager Simon Feigl first began working with Logitech G as the G-Stig at both the EB Games Expo, and at PAX Australia, before becoming major sponsors through his earlier team. To rekindle this partnership under AE and expand to a Title Sponsorship is something that both the Logitech G and the Altus Esports team were both very excited to kick off.

As in earlier years, Logitech G Altus Esports will be present at this year’s PAX Australia event with Logitech G & Astro Gaming across the Friday and Sunday, and will also be looking to qualify Zachary Hanlin in fellow sponsor Motum Simulation’s Virtual Sim Racing Showdown being contested on Saturday 27th October.

Many thanks to Gaming team at Logitech G for their tremendous support. We are honoured to represent such pivotal brands in Esports, and also to help foster the grass roots of Sim Racing.

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Altus ESports Makes NEO Endurance Series Grid For 2018/2019


We are pleased and excited to announce that Altus Esports has qualified for NEO Endurance Series 5! Drivers Yannick Chaplin 🇫🇷️ and Simone Maria Marcenò 🇮🇹️ partnered up for the Pre-Qualifying stages, and were the fastest pairing in the first stage of Pre-Qualifying, which was more a test of outright pace.

Their pair then readied for a mixed class race of the final contenders, where their race performance, pace, and incident management was put to the test. Despite a connection drama mid-race for Simone, the team did enough to impress the administrators and was one of the teams invited to compete in the highly competitive GT division. Great success! 😀

Round 1 with 6 Hours of Sebring kicks off on October 21st, 2018. After Yannick’s success during the official series, we are confident of a strong opening round! 🤙

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ALTUS ESPORT World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series World Championship Series.

2ND Place For Tim Ryan At Limaland

💥Second place today in the World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car World Championship Series 💥

It was the finish we needed today at Limaland Motorsports Park! Car was super quick all night and at most times had arguably the fastest car on track. During the feature I didn’t want to risk anything, I spent a lot of the race rolling it though the middle despite the fastest line being right up against the outside fence. With three rounds to go the aim is to keep it on all fours as I look to try and secure the championship.

Thanks to Altus Esports and our sponsors and partners.

Motum Simulation
Virtual Sim Racing
Confederation of Australian Motor Sport – CAMS


Altus ESports Signs Frenchman Yannick Lapchin


It is with great pleasure that we can announce the signing of French ace Yannick Lapchin to Altus Esports. Yannick’s been very competitive in karting as a boy in France, even placing 3rd nationally one year. Then in the late 90s got involved with Sim Racing through Geoff Crammond’s Grand Prix series, before getting competitive with Formula SimRacing and racing in the category from 2003 and got several race wins against top talents such as Huttu, etc.

Fast forward to late 2016, and Yannick joined iRacing for the first time and hasn’t looked back. He won the Proto GT Series in S2 2017, before moving to GT cars full time and has been on the march forward since. A winner of both SOF iRacing LeMans races broadcast on Apex Racing TV and RaceSpot with SOF of up to 5.8K, he has shown the talent that he possesses, and the type of driver we have been looking for to join Altus Esports.

With the GT World Championship moving to GTE cars in 2018, and the NEO Endurance series also coming up soon, Yannick will play a big part in both. Everyone in the team is thrilled with his arrival, and we hope you are too!

Article Credit – Altus ESports Facebook

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Altus ESports Qualify For 2019 VRS GT World Championship


A goal set out by Team Owner Simon Feigl upon starting Altus Esports, was to turn the fortunes around of the struggling ERT machine and bring the car back into position to qualify automatically for 2019 being Top 25 overall. Whilst the drivers were the same, the drive and vigour changed a lot with the new team, and so did the results. However it was far from clean sailing in the AE28, and Silverstone was no exception.

Simon would lead the proceedings in the AE28, with lead driver Andrew Kahl being unavailable for the important race, and would put in a very solid pair of laps to sit 17th in qualifying, however would feel a little was left on the table after being 12th in practice. However all hell would break loose on the opening corner in front of Simon, and he was able to drive through the smoke to gain a number of positions in the calamity. However calamity would unfold for Simon as well on Lap 2 when running in 10th place, he would be turned around at high speed and thrown out of control in a 360 spin, luckily avoiding contact. That could have been game over then and there!

It wasn’t over though, as another contact was made as we neared the first pitstop, with Simon being caught out on the car in front getting a mid-corner bobble, and Simon had nowhere to go, ending up again being turned around and waiting for the field to go through. In a little over half an hour, the team had risen as high as 10th, and now dropped down to 27th position. Now it was starting to look tight.

We then opted to adjust the strategy a bit from what we have done in the past, but opting for a long-long-short strategy to take advantage of Simon’s pace in the clean air, before having a shorter stop and shorter stint on new tyres for when Zac Hanlin would take over. This proved to be a solid strategy, as Simon would make a few solid moves on the track, but the big gains would come later at the final stop where Zac would appear out in 21st place with 48 minutes to go!

By our quick calculations, this would be enough to retain our place, however we couldn’t afford another drop of positions. Zac drove masterfully behind Bardahl SimRacing as they too were fighting for qualification as well. We decided to hold station as we had no danger from behind, and obtain a solid end of race result, however things got a bit crazy in the last 10 minutes. Incidents between Vendaval Simracing and The ineX Racing Team shook the order up, before CoRe SimRacing and Bardahl SimRacing would have fuel drama. This would end up promoting the AE28 into a 16th place finish, and securing us 22nd overall in the standings.

Mission Accomplished! We did what we set out to do upon founding Altus Esports just two months ago. We now have a confirmed entry into the 2019 iRacing GT World Championship, and are also planning on entering a second car through the WC Qualifying Series in Season 1 2019.

Right now, it is time to celebrate what has been a very tough year for the team, but in the end a rewarding finish to a rollercoaster ride! We also have more to celebrate, with a new driver signing with the team this week, and we feel he’s a real superstar. More on that VERY soon!

Many thanks must go to our sponsor Motum Simulation for their support of Altus Esports right from the get go. Also thanks to iLiveries for the wonderful job on the paint of not only the Audi, but also the other cars he has painted for us in recent weeks so that we have a full range of AE racing cars.

We’d also like to pay our thanks to Evolution Racing Team of whom we started this year as ERT #28, but finished as the AE28. Brenton from ERT has been ultra supportive throughout the transition, with regular words of encouragement and checking in on how the boys have been doing. We thank you and all of ERT for your support!!

Motum Simulation

Confederation of Australian Motor Sport – CAMS

Evolution Racing Team

Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming

Joel Real Timing

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Altus ESports Gains Breakthrough Podium In An iRacing Official Endurance Event


24 Hours are finished, and we have achieved what we set out to achieved! 3rd Place at the biggest endurance race of the year is a truly a remarkable result, especially as the team is not even two months old.

Massive congratulations to our drivers Andrew Kahl, Simone Maria Marcenò, Simon Feigl and Zachary Hanlin for their amazing work this week preparing for the event (mostly in the Ford GT no less), and of course in the race itself.

Huge thanks to Motum Simulation for their support of the team throughout. Also a big thanks must go to Juan from iLiveries for painting all three GTE cars for us this week, and painting the beautiful Ferrari just hours before the race.

Now it’s time to celebrate!! 🍾

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Altus ESports Ready To Tackle iRacing 24 Heures du Mans

Race Day for the iRacing 24 Heures du Mans! 🏁

Altus Esports will be contesting the big race in the very competitive GTE class in the aaFerrari 488 GTE. We absolutely love the livery on this car, and it couldn’t be a more fitting way than debuting it in such a major race.

Piloting the #43 Ferrari will be Andrew Kahl, Simone Maria Marcenò, Simon Feigl and Zachary Hanlin. Andrew has done an excellent job in putting the car in 5th position in qualifying as it stands now. Familiar foes in Pure Racing Team and Williams Martini Racing Esports are amongst the lineup, and we undoubtedly will have a long battle on our hands for the hours to come.

The big race kicks off in a little under 8 hours from now, and you can catch all of the action on the iRacing Esports Network via the following link:

Many thanks to Motum Simulation for their ongoing support. Also a big thanks must go to iLiveries for their amazing work once again, especially in what is an extremely busy time on a very popular event.

Forza Altus! 🏁

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Altus ESports GT Livery Revealed

It is with pleasure that we can showcase our new warpaint for the Altus Esports GT cars. Starting with the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car which the team is piloting in the iRacing VRS GT World Championship, the team has continued the trend of utilising an asymmetrical design from left to right, with strong angular lines reflective of our team logo. Furthermore, keeping with the latin meaning of Altus being ‘high’, we have also adopted height contour lines across the metallic coloured sections leaving an exciting design pattern.

To aid in identifying which driver is driving which car, the drivers have each selected their own highlight colour on the wing mirrors, aero fins and above the headlights and brake lights. To easily identify your favourite driver, you can watch out for the following highlights:

Simon Feigl: Red
Andrew Kahl: Blue
Beau Albert: Cyan
Zachary Hanlin: Purple

There’s also a driver adorning a Black highlight colour, however for that piece of news you will need to wait until tomorrow.

Many thanks to Juan our amazing painter from iLiVERiES. He’s done a truly wonderful job, and we can’t wait to get out on track in it. And we don’t have to wait long – watch out for Bobo & Zac who will be debuting the livery tonight in the Geodesic Racing Sprint Series Australia by GT Leagues Australia.

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Altus ESports Introduce First Livery


Ahead of Round 6 of the iRacing​ World of Outlaws Craftsman Sprint Car Series​ World Championship we are proud to release our first Altus Esports livery, to be driven in the capable hands of championship leader Tim Ryan.

Following on from our team colours of blue and golden orange, the car has an asymmetric style with a predominantly blue side on the car’s right, with the inverse golden orange on the car’s left. It was a vision carried on from the inception of our logo.

Massive thanks for Juan from iLiVERiES for his amazing work and attention to detail. We couldn’t be happier with the result. Many thanks also to Motum Simulation​ who has pride of place on the sides of the car, and are the Official Simulation Partner of CAMS.

Tune in to see Tim in action tomorrow morning for tomorrow’s World Championship round, broadcast LIVE on iRacing’s Esports Network.


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