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Altus ESports Announce Logitech G As Naming Rights Sponsor


We are extremely proud and excited to announce that Logitech G and ASTRO Gaming have signed on as the team’s Title Sponsor. As of today, the Altus Esports will feature Logitech G branding primarily, with Astro Gaming also being a Title brand when we field more than one car in a series, such as the iRacing GT World Championship where will attempt to qualify with a second car under the Astro Gaming branding.

Altus Esports will be taking on the role of brand ambassadors, exclusively using Logitech G & ASTRO Gaming peripherals including headsets, keyboards, mice, webcams & speakers.

This continues a partnership with many of the Altus Esports team that dates back as far as 2015 when Team Manager Simon Feigl first began working with Logitech G as the G-Stig at both the EB Games Expo, and at PAX Australia, before becoming major sponsors through his earlier team. To rekindle this partnership under AE and expand to a Title Sponsorship is something that both the Logitech G and the Altus Esports team were both very excited to kick off.

As in earlier years, Logitech G Altus Esports will be present at this year’s PAX Australia event with Logitech G & Astro Gaming across the Friday and Sunday, and will also be looking to qualify Zachary Hanlin in fellow sponsor Motum Simulation’s Virtual Sim Racing Showdown being contested on Saturday 27th October.

Many thanks to Gaming team at Logitech G for their tremendous support. We are honoured to represent such pivotal brands in Esports, and also to help foster the grass roots of Sim Racing.