It is with pleasure that we can showcase our new warpaint for the Altus Esports GT cars. Starting with the Audi R8 LMS GT3 car which the team is piloting in the iRacing VRS GT World Championship, the team has continued the trend of utilising an asymmetrical design from left to right, with strong angular lines reflective of our team logo. Furthermore, keeping with the latin meaning of Altus being ‘high’, we have also adopted height contour lines across the metallic coloured sections leaving an exciting design pattern.

To aid in identifying which driver is driving which car, the drivers have each selected their own highlight colour on the wing mirrors, aero fins and above the headlights and brake lights. To easily identify your favourite driver, you can watch out for the following highlights:

Simon Feigl: Red
Andrew Kahl: Blue
Beau Albert: Cyan
Zachary Hanlin: Purple

There’s also a driver adorning a Black highlight colour, however for that piece of news you will need to wait until tomorrow.

Many thanks to Juan our amazing painter from iLiVERiES. He’s done a truly wonderful job, and we can’t wait to get out on track in it. And we don’t have to wait long – watch out for Bobo & Zac who will be debuting the livery tonight in the Geodesic Racing Sprint Series Australia by GT Leagues Australia.



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