Sim Speed Television is the leading iRacing broadcast service in Australasia. Originally named V8SONLINE and founded in 2011, we are the longest standing iRacing broadcasting company in the industry with the largest following. We pride ourselves on producing quality & informative content for our viewers. V8SONLINE Rebranded under the Sim Speed Esports Network in 2018 with a vision of expanding from the Australia & New Zealand iRacing community to the European & American market.


Sim Speed Entertainment is our newest service which was launched in September 2018. Sim Speed Entertainment pushes the boundaries of current day technology, humanizing sim racing by bringing the drivers and teams behind the virtual race cars to reality. It is our mission to bring something new and exciting for our viewers to experience the unique world of sim racing, sim speed entertainment is the first of its kind.


Sim Speed Gear is our online store and is set to launch in the early stages of 2019. Whether it be an entry level set up or top of the line equipment, you can guarantee we will provide you with all the products and support you need to be an active sim racer. Keeping the iRacing community together has been our focus since the beginning of the V8SONLINE broadcasting service. We want our community to feel confident when purchasing sim racing equipment & have a successful experience, we’ll give you advice, guidance and ensure you have the best quality products available on the market.


Sim Speed Memberzone is our latest addition to the Sim Speed Esports Network family. Launching in January 2019 we aim to bring the iRacing community closer together.
Stream lining our different services will provide a new platform for Teams,Drivers & Series Administrators to communicate and have the content they require at their finger tips.
The iRacing community has always been our number one focus, The User interface section of Sim Speed memberzone will allow the drivers and teams from the events we organise and broadcast to share the information & files required safely & securely.